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My Priorities

It has been an honor to serve as 7th Ward Alderman these past five years. It has been rewarding to be able to connect 7th Ward residents with a needed city service, solve a parking problem, get the answer to a zoning question, and provide solid information about a City policy or a Council decision.

I have joined with 7th Ward residents to stand up for the residential character of the Ryan Field neighborhood, to stop a roadway easement across Isabella Woods, to support the hard-working volunteers at Canal Shores, and to advocate for preservation and a new life for Harley Clarke.

Evanston Illinois 7th Ward Alderman Eleanor Revelle at the Lakefront

On the City Council, I have focused on three critical issues in particular and look forward to continuing this work in my next term.

I am eager to follow through on these important issues and to continue to be a responsive, accessible Alderman.

Championing Climate Action.

The climate crisis demands that we make steady progress on implementing our Climate Action and Resilience Plan. Areas of immediate focus should include 50% waste reduction by 2025 (current diversion rate: 23%); 25% reduction in building energy use by 2025; 100% renewable electricity community-wide by 2030; and phasing out use of fossil-fuel powered blowers and other equipment.

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Expanding Affordable Housing.

As a member of the Affordable Housing Plan Steering Committee, I am committed to our completing and implementing a meaningful affordable housing plan that will result in a significant increase in our supply of affordable housing.

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Reimagining Public Safety.

I am committed to completing work on implementing an Alternative 9-1-1 Crisis Response program to send behavioral health and public health professionals (rather than police) to the scene to provide the support that the individual in crisis needs.

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